Products from Jamaica was founded with the aim to bring Jamaican authentic foods and other wonderful products to the world. We carry some of Jamaicans truly unique, selective, high quality and hard to find products both old-time Jamaican products we all know and love such Jamaican Blue Coffee, Jamaica’s cool and flavourable mint commonly know as “icey mint”, Ole time Jamaican chocolate tea, Jamaican treats gift box with Gizzadas, Grater cakes, Peanut cakes, coconut drops, tamarind balls, peanut brittles, bustas, and Jackass Corn. 

We also have new contemporary quirky items such as our popular Jamaican magnum tonic wine which is popular in our dancehall. Black stallion herbal tonic which made from 100% Jamaican ingredients with the main one being horny goat weed. We also carry 100% organic grown in the bush herbs such as guinea hen weed, Jamaican cerasee tea, soursop leaves, fever grass, and cinnamon leaves just to name a few.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading online marketplace such as eBay, Bonanza, eCrater, and Google shopping to bring you the best Jamaican and Jamaican inspired products. As Jamaican we are a nation of people who truly love to travel and as such, we are located in every corner of the globe from the usual Jamaican ex-pat communities in USA, Canada and the United Kingdom to the more exotic locations like Iceland, New Zealand and Israel. Rest assured no matter where in the world you maybe we will deliver to that location.

We are passionate about what we do. If we don’t have the item listed on our web store please send us an email and rest easy knowing we will source any product once it is located on our beautiful island. We are determined and committed to providing the highest leave of service to our customers. Welcome to and thank you for shopping.

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