Black Stallion JamaicaBlack Stallion Jamaica
Black Stallion Jamaica Herbal Tonic (case of 12) New
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Black Stallion Jamaica Herbal Tonic (case of 12) New

$159.99 $99.99


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Black Stallion Jamaica Herbal Tonic

Black Stallion Jamaica Herbal Bedroom Tonic is a totally-natural herbal solution that mixes ancient Asian philosophy with today’s medical technology to create the most potent male sexual enhancer found in a bottle.

Black Stallion increases the strength and duration of erections by stimulating the man’s sexual organ to increase blood flow.
A dietary supplement that contains a blend of the highest quality drug-free and natural ingredients in a drink form. One dose usually works within 45 minutes and the effects may last for up to 24 hours.
* HARDER ERECTIONS- With Greater Blood Flow To Your Penis You Now Experience Erections Harder Than Ever Before.
* BIGGER ERECTIONS. Your Penis May Feel Amazingly Large As Its Blood Flow, Circulation, And Health Improve.
* MORE STAMINA.  Now You Can Enjoy Male Enhancement Benefits. Last Longer Performing As Long As You Want, Again and again until you both are totally pleasured.
* More frequent erections as your total sexual health improves, you will experience more frequent erections and shortened recovery time.
* INCREASED SPERM PRODUCTION & HEALTH. *Your Body Will Produce Copious Healthy Sperm For Larger Stronger Ejaculations. * increased male health.

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