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Supligen Drink Liquid Meal Supplement 10 oz (Pack of 12)
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Supligen Drink Liquid Meal Supplement 10 oz (Pack of 12)


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Supligen Drink Liquid 10 oz (Pack of 12)

Supligen drink is a liquid meal supplement providing nutrition and energy for an active and demanding lifestyle, manufactured by Seprod Group of Companies. Supligen is fortified with vitamins, calcium, and iron to boost the energy of people on the go. It was first released in 1976.

It is a delicious liquid meal supplement packed with 11 grams of protein 9 vitamins and 6 minerals to Boost You Up!

  • Rich and creamy taste: The rich, creamy taste of Supligen is something that’s hard to ignore but supligen doesn’t just taste good, it is good for you.
  • Packed with nutrients: Supligen provides a variety of nutrients that play major roles in maintaining good health.
  • Contains antigen: Supligen contains antigen a blend of energy-releasing nutrients that provides relevant vitamins and minerals.
  • Boost yourself up: Supligen gives your body protein and vitamins to help support normal energy. Enhance your nutrition with Supligen meal replacement drink.

Grab a can of Supligen and boost that workout!
Warm-up and stretch before any workout, you’ll minimize the chance of injury.

Grab a can of Supligen and win the race!
Running every day is not for everyone. It requires a lot of consistency, patience, and practice.

Grab a can of Supligen and boost that swim!
Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

11g Protein, 9 Vitamins, 6 Minerals
Add a splash of Supligen to take your stress away.

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