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DeLuxe Silken Soap for oily skin, 100g.

DeLuxe Silken Soap for oily skin cleans away excess oils. Natural Nutrient enriched with coconut oil, BATA CAROTENE, VITAMINS A, C, & E help slow skin aging.
Protects against blemishes, Blackheads and maintains a cleaner smoother brighter complexion.
The formula Cleans, Moisturise Revitalizes skin.
DeLuxe Silken COCONUT OIL formula soap’s cleaning hydrating properties help remove impurities, make-up, and dead cells, and may help prevent acne.
For best result use deluxe silken non-oily bleaching cream
Instructions:  After cleansing skin thoroughly, apply Deluxe Nadinola lightly until it disappears.  May be used as a night cream or as daily foundation cream.  Fades dark spots, blotches to a more even-toned glow as it moisturizes and softens your skin.
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