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Boom Drink Jamaican Energy Drink 355 ml (Pack of 12)
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Boom Drink Jamaican Energy Drink 355 ml (Pack of 12)


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Boom Drink Jamaican Energy Drink 355 ml (Pack of 12)

Boom Drink Jamaican Energy Drink 355 ml is comprised of nine (9) main ingredients, that when combined provide a burst of energy, which are proportioned as healthy servings for your body.

In 2010,¬†BOOM¬†Energy¬†Drink¬†became Jamaica’s first 100% locally manufactured energy¬†drink, made by wisynco Jamaica Limited. Since its inception,¬†BOOM¬†has taken the market by storm, becoming ‚Äú#1‚ÄĚ in the energy¬†drinks¬†category. No longer just a¬†drink,¬†BOOM¬†has become a lifestyle¬†beverage¬†and is known as the life of any party.

Attention: Are you looking for a new drink to add to your lifestyle?

Interest: BOOM is the life of any party. It’s got an amazing taste, and it’ll give you the energy boost that you need to get through your day. Plus, it comes in five flavors so there’s something for everyone!

Desire: You can have fun at parties without worrying about what people think of how much energy you have or if they think you look tired. With BOOM Energy Drink, we know that sometimes all anyone needs is a little pick-me-up before going out on the town. And with our variety of flavors, there’s something for everyone! So go ahead and try one today! We promise that once you do, BOOM will be your favorite drink ever.

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