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Jamaican Grocery Store Discovery

Jamaican Grocery Store       

Jamaican Grocery Store are specialty food store, where you can source Caribbean foods and items such as salt fish, kee (fermented cassava flour), Scotch bonnet, pepper sauce, ping and all the various foods that gave African and Caribbean immigrants a taste of home. The loss of Specialty Foods is particularly painful because there are few markets that specialize in West African or Caribbean products. Now the East Hampton Jamaican Grocery Store is back in business selling exotic fruits, vegetables, spices, preserves and more.   

If this winter you can’t make it to the West Indies but still crave Caribbean food, head to Lyndale Avenue for Guy Ams West Indian Grocery (video) in the Camden neighborhood of North Minneapolis. It is one of those old school ethnic grocery stores with narrow aisles and shelves full of interesting ingredients for cooking adventures. On North Main Street in East Hampton, East End has the first Jamaican food market.¬†¬†¬†

The store has a variety of items you would expect in a grocery or convenience store, in addition to an expanded menu of ready meals. The shelves are lined with familiar Caribbean staples such as hard dough bread and 10 flavours of hot sauce. Our spice collection gives you the right choice for all your barbecue and cooking needs.   

Peter Ebanks and Kathleen Watson opened their own store, J & J Jamaican Grocery and Gift Shop, on 1 March in Damariscotta 88 Main Street, on the premises of the new location of Good Thai. Both Ebank and Watson said that there are ingredients in their store and customers can prepare popular Jamaican dishes such as jerk chicken, beef patty, goat meat curry and oxtail. Meanwhile, Watson posted recipes on the store’s Facebook page for some of the dishes, which are made with ingredients from the store, such as ackee and saltfish, Jamaica’s national dish.¬†¬†¬†¬†

The store sells a variety of light tropical soft drinks and frozen plastic bottles of coconut water and coconut. Many of the items in the store are in cans and bottles, including popular jerk sauces and spices.   

Traditional Caribbean food reflects the culture and influence of the region. Jamaicans love their schnitzels and use them to cook most savoury dishes. The variety of Escalons cultivated in Jamaica and St. Elizabeth, the home of the food production of the islands, is very strong.    

Seasoned Delicious began selling small batches of Caribbean spices and sauces in the Hudson Valley in 2014. By then, Cruz’s parents, Baltazar and Adelaida Castro, had made the transition from a 1980s store to the only one in the Bay Area specializing in African and Caribbean food. Cruz often, over the years, said he was asked many times what Filipinos were doing to sell food from Africa and the islands.¬†¬†¬†¬†

As proud as he is of the store, he yearns for the warmth of his homeland. When Kaylah, a 12-year-old, walked into the store on a recent visit, she was overwhelmed with memories of her grandfather. Nina Cruz, second-generation owner of Specialty Foods, was unable to take her 77-year-old mother Adelaida Castro, who opened the store in the 1970s with her husband, this year on her holiday.    

Carmel and his beloved wife Joyce took out a loan to start their Jamaican grocery business, and when it was taken up, they were able to buy the building next door. Watson and Ebanks source most of their products from Caribbean Choice Varieties LLC, a Boston-based distributor of Caribbean and African foods. They traveled to specialty stores in Portland, Lewiston and Boston before opening their own store, the J & J Jamaican Grocery and Gift Shop, to pick up products that Lincoln County lacked.    

I pulled a quick cross-section of popular categories from a few small Jamaican and Caribbean grocery stores in all of the US, UK and Canada, as well as a typical Jamaican grocery store. Most of the people with whom I am a client are from the Caribbean. If you are not, you may have questions about the sale or ask my son and son. But for all the flying, driving and commuting, the truth is that prices are better than, if not better than, some of these deals.    

A Caribbean Supercenter and our associate goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for all their Caribbean needs. York, Maine – Drive into Meadowbrook Plaza every day and with the windows open upstairs, there’s a whiff of Caribbean spice in the air. Individual gift baskets will delight and inspire you to pamper the people in your life.¬†

Thanks to ONeil Clarke from York and his partner Avenique White from York who have added Jamaican cuisine to the international range of flavours. Specialty Food Inc., a small and busy grocery store in Old Oakland, will close its doors for the last time in the next few weeks. Clarke’s shop in Meadowbrook Plaza, a longtime favorite, previously offered a Thai and Chinese menu.¬†¬†¬†¬†

I thought I was crazy when I bought green onions at the grocery store for $0.99 a bunch. Martin and Tamika Dunkley, the owners of Seasoned and Delicious, have not had it easy. Such rings can be found in the mesh and patois of Bathurst Underground Station, where Carmel Elias Shoucair distributed flyers for Joyce West Indies, his Jamaican grocery store, across the street in 1971

Jamaican Grocery Store
Jamaican Grocery Store Discovery 2
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