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The Dutch Pot & Coal Stove 12 inch Buy Now



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The Dutch Pot & Coal Stove

The Dutch Pot & Coal Stove is made from heavy cast iron and is a true replica of the original dutch pot and coal stove, that was imported from Holland and is used in almost all original Jamaican cooking and baking.

dutch oven vs pot

The type of material is the most obvious difference between the two. Generally, a stockpot will be made from aluminum or stainless steel, and a Dutch oven will be cast iron (sometimes enameled cast iron). … A Dutch oven will generally be circular or oval with sloping sides and have a tight-fitting lid.

A Cast iron Double Dutch oven is, therefore, usually, much heavier than a stockpot, and has thicker walls and lids. This is important because it means they can withstand higher temperatures as well as temperature cycling (heating and cooling each time they are used) better than other types of cookware.

Almost anything that you bake at home can be cooked in a Dutch Pot. To bake in a Jamaican Dutch Pot over coals, you put some coals under the oven and more coals on the top. This will allow the heat to be distributed above and below the oven and provide more even heat to whatever you are baking.

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