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Jamaican Snack Box – Best Buy – 35 snacks
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Jamaican Snack Box – Best Buy – 35 snacks

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Jamaican Snack Box

Jamaican snack box contains some of the tastiest and most delicious Jamaican treats you can ever have. This box contains an assortment of thirty-five (35) snacks.

No need to travel to Jamaica to get your favorite snacks, definitely not. Let us bring them to you.

So instead of coming home or even going to work with the same snacks, you eat every day, live a little and try something from yaard. Snack options vary!

We change the snacks that are included in the box from time to time. As of June 2020, the snacks that are in the box are Banana chips, Cheezees, Bun and Cheese, Bigfoot, Rough top, Shirley biscuit, Plantain chips, Zoomers, Duplex, water crackers, Ginger biscuit, Charlie Biscuit, and Tamarind Balls to name a few. You will also get one additional snack as a gift.


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