Malta drink by D & G NEW (Pack of 6)

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Malta drink by D & G (Pack of 6)

Malta drink by D & G is a non-alcoholic Malt Beverage.  Malta is a lightly carbonated malt beverage, brewed from barley, hops, and water much like beer.

corn and caramel color may also be added. However, Malta is non-alcoholic, it has a strong beer smell and flavor and is consumed in the same way as beer or cola in its original carbonated form, and to some extent, iced tea in non-carbonated form.

Malta is often described as being like a beer that has not been fermented. It is similar in color to stout (dark brown) but is slightly sweet, and is generally described as tasting like molasses. Unlike beer, ice is often added to a Malta when consumed.

benefits of malt drink

Malt beverages, which naturally have a nutty-sweet, slightly buttery taste, are therefore an ideal source of energy for mental and physical activity. Due to the high-quality proteins, malt beverages can also alleviate stress. They are healthy and great-tasting alternatives to sweet and thus high-calorie soft drinks.

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