Jamaican Ting Soda (Pack of 10)



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Jamaican Ting Soda,  Sparkling Grapefruit Flavored Beverage, (Pack of 10)

Jamaican Ting Soda, Sparkling Jamaican Grapefruit Flavored Beverage, 20oz Bottle (Pack of 10) Made from real Jamaican Grapefruit.

  • Ting! – Sparkling Jamaican Grapefruit Flavored Beverage – 20oz Bottle (Pack of 10)
  • Ting is a lightly sparkling citrus cocktail chameleon made with the zing of real grapefruit and a dash of glorious Jamaican sunshine. Jam-packed with the refreshing taste of paradise.
  • TING is the ultimate thirst quencher and the perfect mixer. It’s the coolest Jamaican experience. Crafted to complement great spirits – makes the best tasting cocktails and proudly served at thousands of America’s very best restaurants and bars.
  • Dive into di Flava of Jamaica. Refreshing till the end, experience the stimulating real Caribbean Grapefruit sweetened with real cane sugar. Jamaica loves Ting and Ting loves Jamaica!
  • Ting soda is made from 100% Jamaican grapefruit with no preservatives. It is a lightly carbonated citrus drink.

Jamaican ting is used as a rum chaser and one of the main ingredients in Jamaica’s best love cocktail. The locals call this drink Rum & Ting or Ting with a Sting.

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