the Jamaican Flag
Jamaican Flag Genuine Jamaican
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Jamaican Flag Genuine Jamaican


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Jamaican Flag

The Jamaican flag consists of green, gold, and black colored stripes in the same proportion to each other. The green stripe is located on the top left corner while the black stripe is located on the bottom right corner when looking at it from its front side (i.e., with Jamaicans’ insignia there).

The flag was adopted on August 6. 1962, after the country, gained independence from the United Kingdom. The flag was designed by a bipartisan committee of the Jamaica House of Representatives. The diagonal cross is gold; the top and bottom triangles are green, and the hoist and fly (side) triangles are black.

Bring it to sporting events- cricket, athletics, and more. This polyester flag is durable, and will not easily mildew even if you get it wet. This 2ft x 3ft flag is the perfect size to wave with pride this year as Jamaicans all over the world celebrate.

We also have Jamaica flag ball Caps.




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