Instant Ginger Tea New by Caribbean Dreams (Pack of 12)
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Instant Ginger Tea New by Caribbean Dreams (Pack of 12)



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 Instant Ginger Tea

Instant Ginger Tea is a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold by the whole family. Caribbean Dreams Instant Ginger Tea is made solely from freshly crushed Jamaican ginger root to obtain a concentrated juice with strong ginger taste and aroma.

Ginger tea has had a long tradition of use in Jamaican homes for decades. Also perfect for many of our favorite culinary delights.

Nothing gives a dish or squeeze a similar get-up-and-go and verve that Jamaican ginger does. This fiery rhizome conveys a stinging kick and a smart zip that takes nourishment and juices from commonplace to supernatural. What is natural product squeeze in Jamaica without the tang of ginger? Could tawny, beetroot or mango juice convey their flavors well without the intrigue of ginger nipping out of sight? Most Jamaicans would state no.

Yet, there’s quite a lot more to this rhizome than Jamaicans know or appreciate. Ginger began in Asia, yet the Spanish shipped it to Jamaica in the mid-1700s. From that point forward, Jamaica has gotten known as the wellspring of the best ginger on the planet, with Christiana, Manchester, being recognized as the geological area where the world’s best ginger is developed.

Ginger (herbal name Zingiber officinale) is a flavor just as people medication conveying horde employments. Jamaican ginger is utilized:

To include flavor and zest up nourishments, beverages and dishes – treats, buns, breads, sauces, marinades, juices

To fix movement ailment, vertigo, morning ailment, sickness, discombobulation, spewing, and so forth.

To diminish ‘gas’ and essentially any affliction of the stomach, colon or stomach related tract

About the product
  • 100% Ginger Root, Instant Ginger Tea, Just Add Water
  • All Natural
  • No Sugar



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