Carbolic Soap Natural scent 4.4oz – Pack of 12

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Carbolic Soap 4.4oz  – Pack of 12

Carbolic Soap is a product of Jamaica and has been traditionally used in most households for personal hygiene.  In the past, it was also used extensively in hospitals and other places where hygiene was at the top of the list.

Mild disinfectant soap containing carbolic acid, a natural compound extracted from coal tar.
Once widely available in the United States and the most common disinfectant cleaner used in hospitals, real Jamaican carbolic soap has all but disappeared from stores. Remembered by many older Jamericans as the household soap of their childhood, this soap is often sought after by many simply for its nostalgic natural scent.

By killing bacteria, it acts as a mild deodorant when used as a body soap. Many people report it is great for clearing up acne. Tough on germs and grime, some folks say this soap has a rugged, leathery scent, while others think it has more of a medicated fragrance.

Product of Jamaica

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