ADA Antibacterial Soap
ADA Antibacterial Soap pack of 6
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ADA Antibacterial Soap pack of 6


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ADA Antibacterial Soap pack of 6

Ada antibacterial soap eliminates germs while leaving you smelling sensational and refreshed. Also, known as antiseptic or antimicrobial soaps. These soaps contain certain chemicals not included in plain soap. Ā The purpose of adding these chemicals is to reduce or preventĀ bacterial infection.

Plain soap coupled with water, loosens the grip of almost all surface germs. They have properties that are polar and nonpolar, making bacteria dissolve more easily. This removes pathogens physically from a surface but does not stop their production or kill them.

Antibacterial soap, on the other hand, can be processed with a chemical called triclosan or triclocarban. This chemical is not found in plain soap. This ingredient is meant to stop the production of bacteria.


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