wholesale raw organic honey
Wholesale raw organic honey 750 ML (Pk of 10)
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Wholesale raw organic honey 750 ML (Pk of 10)


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Wholesale raw organic honey 750 ML (Pk of 10)

Wholesale raw organic honey 750 ML (Pk of 10) is 100% pure, natural, raw harvested honey rich in flavors, minerals, and vitamins.

Straight from the fully capped comb to the bottle. A source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, protein, iron, and fiber, this unpasteurized raw super-food is the perfect replacement for sugar.

Trelawny logwood honey has a light tone during the high flow season and a darker tone during the low flow season. The shade gives you a clue of its smooth subtle taste. This is good in tea, baking and more.

St. Mary banana nectar blend has a darker golden tone with a fruity taste to the buds, this nector comes straight from the St. Mary’s banana fields of the famous Jamaica St. Mary banana chips, though strong to the taste this is best for medicinal use, beauty purposes and more.

Anchovy Logwood dark golden Blend is consistent throughout the seasons, this has an all-purpose use both for health and beauty.

Kingston hope Gardens blend comes from the gardens fruits and flowers nectar, the color is rich and golden orange, smooth to the taste and healthy in every way.

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