Vitaplex Syrup
Vitaplex Syrup Dietary Supplements 125ml (2 Pk)
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Vitaplex Syrup Dietary Supplements 125ml (2 Pk)


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Vitaplex Syrup Dietary

Vitaplex Syrup is a multivitamin syrup that enhances different immune functions and provides strong nerve support. benefits of active ingredients in Vitamix, and heart health.

it helps to promote a healthy cardiovascular system by maintaining normal blood pressure & cholesterol levels and brain function; selenium has also been added for beneficial intellectual development immunity; vitamins C and Selenium provide strengthening against oxidative stress energy since it’s packed with b vitamin which helps maintain mental clarity

Vitaplex combats fatigue, stress, weakness, and exhaustion, improves physical performance and improves the body’s resistance to infections.

The direction of use:
For adults: 3 – 4 teaspoonfuls daily;