Tonic Wine Magnum – Case 24

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Tonic Wine Magnum – Case 24


Tonic Wine Magnum is a fortified tonic wine that has found great acceptance in Jamaica and the Caribbean.
A unique ready-to-drink offering that is bottled at 16.5% alc/vol, Magnum is made with Vigorton 2, which includes iron, minerals, and vitamin B6.

Magnum Tonic Wine is manufactured by a company that also promotes a band by the same name. The company sponsors events throughout Jamaica and has come to symbolize the Jamaican dancehall scene. The wine is a title sponsor for Jamaica’s first televised dancehall show called “The Magnum Kings & Queens of Dance Hall Competition,” which began in 2007. The drink’s association with pop culture has branded it as being cool and fashionable.


Magnum Tonic Wine contains 100 percent natural ingredients. It has been marketed as a healthful drink that promotes energy, although it contains alcohol. The composition of Magnum Tonic Wine is a mixture of herbs, mead and tonic. The flavor has been compared to ginseng, but with a syrupy sweetness. A claim to fame of Magnum Tonic Wine is its infusion of vitamins, notably iron and B12.

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