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the Jamaican Flag

The Jamaican Flag

The Jamaican Flag

The Jamaican flag was raised for the very first time at midnight on August 5, 1962, as Britain’s lowering of its Union Jack signaled that Jamaica had finally become an independent nation.

The exciting moment marked another chapter in what would eventually lead up to complete political independence from Great Britain – which took place less than three months later with simultaneous celebrations happening around both positions after all appropriate rituals were completed without any errors or mistakes reported during either event!

The Jamaican Flag Design

Designing a flag for an island as large and diverse in culture, and climate change-affected areas. The committee failed to come up with anything they were happy with so it was decided that this should be done through public voting instead of designers coming together choosing one design right away which didn’t work either but then someone came up (an Englishman) with his own idea about how we could have our own unique Jamaican Flag


The colours of our flag symbolize the strength and creativity we have as a people, with black depicting both penury’s harshness but also agility. Gold reminds us that there is no better place than this country for those who seek it; green stands for hope in times when everything seems hopeless – because even though things may change without warning (as they often do), agriculture will always be important on these lands!

Code for The Use of Flag

  • The Jamaican flag is our country’s sacred emblem. We must all unite and show respect for this great symbol of unity in diversity, which unites us as Jamaicans.
  • The Flag should never touch the ground or floor. The utmost respect and honour are owed to our country’s flag, which deserves only the best treatment it can get from its holders.
  • It is very important that the National Flag should never be used for decorative purposes. The only time it may fly or appear in a manner intended to show off its beauty and power, without express permission from government officials who have official sanction-the Prime Minister specifically–is on State occasions where displays of loyalty occur among citizens alike.
  • flying the flag with pride is an important tradition that dates back centuries. When flying, it should never be smaller than any other flags being flown at once–this would indicate inferiority or shame about our country’s achievements
  • When the flag becomes worn, dilapidated, and/or torn it should be destroyed in a dignified manner. It can either happen that you burn your old flags privately
  • When the Office of the Prime Minister declares a period of official mourning, all flags should be lowered to half-mast. The position is determined by measuring from where it meets its peak and not halfway down for proper respect when lowering your flag
  • When the flag is being hoisted or lowered, all people present should face forward with their hats removed. Those who are in uniform must salute as well when it passes by for this beautiful symbol of our country’s freedom and promise!

Private Use

  • The flag should always be flown on private buildings when the Governor-General or Prime Minister visits.
  • The Flag should be displayed on the cars of both the Governor-General and Prime Minister.

Government Property

  • The Jamaican flag is a powerful symbol that has been proudly flying over our country for centuries. All Government-owned ships, defense craft, and lighthouses should fly the Flag with pride as they serve their nation by protecting its territorial waters from invasion or trespass along with every other vessel using them under the law! Additionally, all aircraft whether government-owned like planes, Railways Motor Vehicles (RV) must display some form of representation including billboard advertisements, etc… Merchant Vessels registered in Jamaica also need to be properly displaying the national flag.

Public Buildings

  • The flag is a symbol of our country and should be respected. It’s recommended that you fly the flags on all government buildings, including administrative ones so we can show respect for this great nation! it is recommended that, if possible, each day it should be lowered at sundown and raised at 8:00 a.m.


  • When the schools are in session, our flag should be flown proudly. It reminds us that we’re here for each other and it inspires hard work because you know what happens when people work together? Success!
  • The flag should always be raised at both the beginning and end of each term. This can also serve to recognize that we’re in this together—a community made up of many backgrounds with one goal: success for everyone!
  • The pledge of allegiance to our country should always be said in school, especially on occasions when we celebrate or honour its values.
  • The school should have a special Flag Raising Ceremony on the Anniversary of Independence.
  • The youth camps, clubs, and institutions for young people should all hold a similar ceremony in order to keep the schedules organized.
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