Sweet and Simply Jamaican Rum Cake 16 oz – best taste

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Jamaican Rum Cake by Sweet and Simply 16 oz

Jamaican Rum Cake by Sweet and Simply is special because we combine only the finest ingredients to bake the most delicious cake you will ever taste.

Our Butter Rum Cake is made with 100% real butter. So moist and deliciously rich, one slice is just not enough.

A  delicious taste of Jamaica. Try our Sweet and Simply cakes today and I guarantee that you will not regret this purchase. New on the market, this cake is competing to be one of the best rum cakes on the market. Give it a try and let us have your feedback.

We carefully dip this decadent cake in authentic Jamaican Oak Aged Rum to ensure every bite is “rum delicious!”.

Flavours: Butter Rum Cake, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake or Chocolate Rum Cake


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