Spur tree Crushed Red Pepper Sauce (Pack of 3)

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Spur tree Crushed Red Pepper Sauce (Pack of 3)

Spur Tree Crushed red Pepper Sauce is made with only the finest, ripe West Indian Red Hot Peppers, hand-selected, are used in this authentic Caribbean HOT pepper sauce. Use sparingly to spice up all your favourite foods!

Caribbean cuisine offers a wide range of tastes, from sweet to spicy, from sweet to spicy, from mild to hot, using a large variety of meats and vegetables.

The creative use of the ‘poorer’, less popular cuts of meat, of fresh seafood, of ripe local fruits, vegetables, and dried pulses, gives this food its distinctive style.

Just as the inhabitants of the West Indies reflect the history of the arrival of the various peoples to this region – Europen, African, Indian and Chinese – so too, Caribbean cooking draws from all these cultures to offer a rich melting pot of flavour, taste and colour.

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