Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Blend Whole Beans 10 lbs


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Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Blend Whole Beans 10 lbs

Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Blend, Jablum Coffee is recognized for its unique characteristics and distinct flavor. This premium quality blue m is regulated by the Jamaican CIB. Only the finest Grade 1 beans are selected for export by the JABLUM Blue Mountain Estate. Jablum Jamaican Blue Mountain blended medium roasted coffee beans in a 16 oz ounce bag which keeps the vacuum packaged coffee fresh. Jablum guarantees freshness and quality products and is one of Jamaica’s finest coffee and one of the best coffee in the World. Certified by the coffee board of Jamaica.

About the product
  • Blue Mountain Blend Coffee Grounds
  • Medium Roasted Grounds
  • Certified by Coffee Industry Board
  • Indulge your senses and taste the blue mountains!!!
  • Blend of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and a proprietary blend of coffee from other Caribbean countries



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Weight 12 lbs



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