Grace Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
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Grace Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml


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Grace Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh Coconut kernel through an old fashioned technique known as cold pressing. This is the method of oil extraction from the coconuts without really using heat to extract as that may degrade the oil’s flavour and nutritional quality.

For centuries Coconut Oil has been the primary source of healthy fat for people in the tropics. The oil can be used for cooking, natural skin lotion, and even as a hair conditioner.

virgin coconut oil benefits

Contains healthy fatty acids The fatty acids in coconut oil can encourage your body to burn fat, and they provide quick energy to your body and brain. They also raise HDL (good) cholesterol in your blood, which may help reduce heart disease risk

Coconut oil is high in MCTs, a type of fat that your body metabolizes differently than most other fats. MCTs are responsible for many of the health benefits of coconut oil.

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