Lasco Cyaan Done Irish Moss Drink Vanilla Flavor (pack of 3) New

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Lasco Cyaan Done Irish Moss Drink

Lasco Cyaan Done Irish Moss Drink is made from authentic Irish Moss, rich in nutrients, and provides nourishment (10 oz).  It’s a blend of Jamaican sugar, sea moss, milk, and spices, believed to provide energy and vitality. One taste of this will delight your taste buds and your spirit.

The Irish Moss is a seaweed that was originally found near Ireland hence the name.  The Irish consumed Irish moss during the famine of the 19th century in Ireland. The seaweed grows on rocks in Jamaica. Irish migrants to Jamaica brought the tradition of the Irish Moss to Jamaica.   It is one of Jamaica’s most notorious drinks among men (and some women)  who seek “vigor”. It is believed “to put lead in your pencil “, “put it back” and boost energy that will lead to an increased libido.  It is also used by many as herbal medicine.

Available in 3 flavours

  • Peanut
  • Vanilla
  • Oats



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