Lasco Carrot Drink
Lasco Carrot Drink New 19 oz (3 tins) Awesome
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Lasco Carrot Drink New 19 oz (3 tins) Awesome


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Lasco Carrot Drink 19 oz

Lasco Carrot Drink is a Jamaica stable made from Water, Carrot Puree, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid (Acidulant), Salt.

Carrot juice usually helps your body to improve immunity including the body’s ability to fight bacteria that normally enter through the mouth and live within the gum.

This Jamaican Style Carrot drink is a refreshing yet sweet treat. One of my favorite drinks when growing up in Jamaica.

Benefits of carrot drink

  • Increased metabolism. …
  • Stronger vision. …
  • Improved skin disorders. …
  • Boosted immune system. …
  • Reduced cancer risk. …
  • Lowered cholesterol. …
  • A healthier pregnancy. …
  • Strengthened brain function.



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