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Jamaican Pimento Whole Seeds 40g (Pack of 6)
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Jamaican Pimento Whole Seeds 40g (Pack of 6)


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Jamaican Pimento Whole Seeds 40 grams (Pack of 6)

Jamaican Pimento is Authentic 100% all-natural Pimento whole seeds.
Jamaican and Caribbean people home and abroad love this traditional spice.

Sun-dried Pimento seeds from Jamaica
(Allspice) The pimento tree is native to the Caribbean regions. It is usually picked green and dried in the hot sun.

Pimento is very popular on the list of culinary herbs, it gives every soup a nice flavor. The ground powder is widely used in jerk recipes, especially jerk chicken.

Also used in-game and veal meat, fish, gravies, vegetable dishes, marinades meat, sausages, Jamaican escovitch fish pickled pepper sauce, suitable for flavoring of rice, and also used as a natural preservative along with other spices!

This spice has great health benefits as well!!!

Taste GREAT!

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