Immuno-Gizer plus
Immuno-Gizer Plus (Pack of 3) it works
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Immuno-Gizer Plus (Pack of 3) it works



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Immuno-Gizer Plus

ImmunoGizer plus is a highly effective formularized pre-biotic supplement designed to​ Boost Immune System Regulate Bowel Cleanse Colon Remove Toxins.

 Immuno-gizer is a proprietary formula and highly effective pre-biotic supplement designed to boost your body’s Immune System. Immuno-gizer’s ingredients include special fibers – Fructo-oligosaccarides (FOS) and Sugar Esters. When taken, Immuno-gizer is not broken down by the body’s small intestine but goes directly into your colon where it takes action.

Your colon is home to a large number of bacteria and yeast both good and bad. Science has shown that certain species of bacteria, eg. Bifidobacteria, help the body’s Immune System. However, additives in processed food harm these good bacteria and weaken the Immune System and also cause toxins to be produced by the bad bacteria and yeast.

Additives cause toxins to be produced by bad bacteria and yeast. Immuno-gizer nourishes these helpful bacteria thereby strengthening the Immune System and protecting your body against diseases such as cancers, asthma, etc. Immuno-gizer plus also removes toxins, helping you to fight diseases such as Arthritis and Fibroids etc. By taking Immuno-gizer “The Food Purifier” with meals, you protect your body and health from the effects of food additives.

How does Immuno-Gizer work?

Immuno-Gizer eliminates the negative effects of additives in
processed foods and restores their health properties.

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