Home Choice Solomon Gundy 170g – Hot – ( Case of 6)



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Home Choice Solomon Gundy 170 Grams

Home Choice Solomon Gundy 170 Grams is an old-time Jamaican favourite, this fish paste is made from smoked herring, onions, and spices served on crackers. It can also be or mixed with Cream Cheese to make an Excellent Dip ( 6 Jars per case)

Solomon-a-Gundy is a pickled fish pâté made from smoked red herring.  It is usually served with crackers as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.

The term “Solomon-a- Gundy “ may come from the British word salmagundi, used to refer to a salad of many different ingredients.

There is also a popular Jamaican poem called “Solomon-a-Gundy” which is based on the Europe nursery rhyme called “Solomon Grundy”.

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