Excedrin Migraine
Excedrin Migraine (per dozen)
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Excedrin Migraine (per dozen)


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Excedrin Migraine (per dozen)

Excedrin Migraine can help if you are suffering from headaches. Headaches can be a real pain! If you’re suffering from frequent and sometimes debilitating headaches, then Excedrin could offer some relief.

It’s an over-the-counter medication that combines acetaminophen with caffeine or codeine – both substances known for their ability to reduce inflammation in the brain.

The use of combination analgesics such as these has been shown by research evidence to provide advantages when targeting one type of pain alongside another (i e headache).

Excedrin’s specialized formula is a three-in-one pain relief solution that contains both an NSAID and minor tranquilizer, which work together to block the production of chemicals in your body causing inflammation. Aspirin also helps elevate our tolerance for feeling sore so we can tolerate more while providing ultimate relief from head migraines!