Eaton Jerk SauceEaton Jerk Sauce
Eaton Jerk Sauce 5oz Spicy Hot!! (pack of 2)
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Eaton Jerk Sauce 5oz Spicy Hot!! (pack of 2)


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Eaton Jerk Sauce 5oz (pack of 2)

Eaton Jerk Sauce 5oz is an incredible jerk flavored sauce used to season meats before cooking or as a table sauce. This all-natural product includes scallion, hot peppers, pimento (allspice), garlic, thyme and spices among its ingredients.

With a combination of scotch bonnet peppers, pimento (allspice), nutmeg, soy sauce, and thyme amongst other seasonings,  jerk sauce is JAMAICA in a bottle. You get hints of sweet, salty, lots of spicy, and a kick of flavor that can only be described as “island-y”. You can u jerk in a multitude of ways



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