DR.KING’S Sulphur Bitters 200ML (Pack of 2)
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DR.KING’S Sulphur Bitters 200ML (Pack of 2)


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DR.KING’S Sulphur Bitters 200MĀ (Pack of 2)

Sulphur Bitters will keep your body regular, happy, and healthy. Take one to two teaspoons, diluted with water, daily and your digestive health will vastly improve.

The health benefits forĀ bitters. The stimulation of theseĀ bitterĀ receptors promotes healthy digestion by increasing digestive secretions. This leads to better absorption of nutrients, natural detoxification of the liver, and ā€” thanks to the gut-brain connection ā€”Ā bittersĀ can even have a positive effect on stress.

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