Chachitas banana chips
Chachitas Banana Chip 85 oz (Pack of 12)
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Chachitas Banana Chip 85 oz (Pack of 12)



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Chachitas Banana Chip 85 oz (Pack of 12)

Chachitas Banana Chip are lightly salted and cholesterol-free deliciously crunchy morsels made from the finest bananas. Eat them the traditional Jamaican way, directly from the pack, whenever you need a tasty energy boost. You can also serve them to guests with your favourite dip, or add some fun to your breakfast oatmeal or granola.

Banana chips are slices of ripe bananas you crisp up or dry out by baking, dehydrating, or frying them. You can enjoy crispy banana chips as a snack—for example, add them to granola, dip them in peanut butter, or enjoy them plain—or use them as a garnish on banana bread or other dishes.

homemade banana chips are the best! I love them with cold toast and in my breakfast smoothie. If you want to make your own, here’s how:

1) Use a knife or food processor for slicing up bananas (you can also use an apple corer).

2) Toss those slices on any kind of dehydrator until they’re completely dried out – this could take anywhere from 4 hours at a high setting all day long depending upon how big your dehydrated fruits/vegetables were when raw

3.) Place thin layer over a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.

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