Busha Browne Guava Jelly
Busha Browne Guava Jelly 4 oz (4 Pk)
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Busha Browne Guava Jelly 4 oz (4 Pk)


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Busha Browne  Guava Jelly 4 oz

Busha Browne Guava Jelly is excellent in combination with Jerk Seasoning lightly sprinkled on shrimp, salmon, or swordfish. The sweet and tangy flavor goes well together while also adding some spice for good measure! Twice-boiled Guava Jelly is equally unusual, being a rich, smooth, characteristically flavourful spread. Both preserves are redolent of the tropics and are delicious on toast or used in elegant desserts.

Not only does the earthy taste of Guava complement seafood, but it also adds a sugar boost to breakfast foods like waffles. I especially enjoy eating this sweet treat on an afternoon stroll with my friends!

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