Bunny's Rubbing Alcohol
Bunny’s Rubbing Alcohol 236ml (2 Pk)
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Bunny’s Rubbing Alcohol 236ml (2 Pk)


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Bunny’s Rubbing Alcohol 236ml (2 Pk)

Bunny’s Rubbing Alcohol is an Astringent Rubbing Lotion that provides a cooling and stimulating effect when used for Sponge Baths and Body Rubs Used to clean a Baby’s Umbilical Cord until it drops off.

The higher concentration of 70% is actually better for disinfecting. It has more water, which helps it to dissolve slowly and penetrate cells while also killing bacteria with each drop that falls on them!

The rubbing alcohol at 80%-85% will do just as much damage but in a shorter amount of time thanks again due to its rapid evaporation rate maintaining an even 85-degree Fahrenheit temperature throughout your whole home may seem impossible sometimes especially during this winter season when we often experience cold spells where temperatures drop below freezing point every day before noon.

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