Benjamins Menthol Bay Rum 8oz Heavenly (Pack of 3)
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Benjamins Menthol Bay Rum 8oz Heavenly (Pack of 3)


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Benjamins Menthol Bay Rum 8oz (Pack of 3)

Benjamin Menthol Bay Rum is a traditional, all-purpose splash on lotion. Ideal to keep you cool after shower or bath. A soothing aftershave lotion. Cools feverish conditions. Strong, soothing menthol and authentic bay leaf oil make this the best of all the mentholated Bay Rums.

Bay rum is a kind of cologne and facial cleanser cream. Different uses include as an under-arm antiperspirant and as an aroma for shaving cleanser, just as a general astringent.

Bay rum is regularly utilized in facial cleanser moisturizer and shaving cleansers. It is made from the leaves of the West Indies Bay Tree (pimenta racemosa), and Jamaican rum consolidates to give the bay rum aroma its particular woody, sweet, and fiery fragrance. The historical backdrop of inlet rum is as masculine as it smells and dates back some 300 years, and was commonly used in the barbershop.

With over 175 years passing by, it can be difficult to imagine a world where people didn’t shower every day, brush their teeth, shave their facial hair or maintain what we now know of today as daily hygiene. Today, people shower every day and rarely smell “bad” due to the regular hygiene practices we all indulge in. However, times were different back then; water was a luxury and it wasn’t readily available to people at any given moment. While bathtubs and bathing were widely accepted throughout the 1800s, it wasn’t until the mid-1900’s that showers became widespread.

  • Used by Jamaicans for feverish conditions
  • An all-purpose splash-on lotion
  • Traditionally used as a soothing aftershave lotion

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