Bammy Cocktail (5.75cm)
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Bammy Cocktail (5.75cm)


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Bammy Cocktail (5.75cm)

The bammy cocktail is 8 cocktail-sized bammies per pack.

Discover the delicious taste of authentic Jamaican cuisine with Bammy, a cassava bread descended from flatbread enjoyed by Jamaica’s original inhabitants centuries ago.

For baking, soak in water or milk overnight and bake on a lightly greased sheet at 180°C for three minutes per side – then serve it up as an accompaniment to your favourite fish dish!

Feeling adventurous? Give frying this scrumptious snack a go: Soak in liquid first before frying until golden brown – perfect alongside some of your most beloved toppings too. All you need is cassava flour, salt, and a small amount of potassium sorbate (to act as a preservative). Create delectable island-style treats that are sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds!

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